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Llama Health

We are not veterinarians, but we can help you with routine healthcare activities that owners can typically perform.  We can also teach you how to do these activities yourself.

We work closely with your veterinarian to make sure that your llamas receive the proper protection from local parasites and diseases.  In California, certain vaccines such as rabies MUST be administered by your veterinarian.

Bev has years of health experience, first with people as a Registered Nurse, then as a long-time dog breeder and now as a llama owner.

We can help you with regular vaccinations and parasite protection (best done in conjunction with your veterinarian's recommendations).  And it is less stressful with our portable, llama friendly restraint chute.


Annual 3-Way immunization shot - $10
Parasite Control (Parasite Information)
Twice a year Ivermec pasting (recommended) - $10
Twice a year Ivermec injection - $10

Toe Nail Trimming

Trim toe nails (some llamas need it monthly) - $5

Llama Chute

Chute Rental - $35
The portable llama chute (restraint device) makes it much safer for the llama and handler.  It also reduces the need for sedating the llama.




The information and procedures presented here are for educational purposes only.  The Wool & Flax Llama Farm does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of any information or opinions provided.  The Wool & Flax Llama Farm does not assume any liability for typographical errors and/or omissions.  Before undertaking any new regime with your llamas, your should always check with your veterinarian.  Only your veterinarian can advise as to what is best for your situation