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Llama Chute

Alpaca, llama, and small livestock owners usually meet with dread the prospect of having to secure their animal by themselves for treatment, trimming, or shearing.  The possibility of being kicked or landing hard on the ground covered with spit is an unpleasant image for all of us, not to mention ending up with muscle strains, sore knees and backs.   A llama chute is designed for easy and safe of use with the least amount of strain on the owners and animals.  Veterinarians appreciate the extra "mechanical hands" to help restrain the animals to prevent them from getting hurt, too.

Combining practicality, strength and elegant appearance, a handling chute can become an important piece of equipment on the farm.   

The chute uses quick-release latches, padded vertical neck restraints, multiple latch points, and quick-release padded belly straps. In addition, the chute has 2 doors on each side, which open for easy access. The lower door allows safe access for trimming toe nails and other leg work. The higher door provides access to the torso for shots and other body attention.

The quick release restraining slings, a fully padded head restraint, and absolutely no sharp edges make this a safe chute.  Add to that, a non-slip mat on the floor, and easily dismantled wheels for portability.


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